Brand Building Basics

Alice Ko left her New York City Fashion gig to launch Pivot Six – a marketing agency with six powerful women who pivoted from traditional careers to a high-end marketing firm designed to helps brands make a greater impact by telling their authentic, true-to-life stories. Brand Building Basics Crash Course focuses on how to build a brand for your blog that is memorable, consistent and unique.

Course Time: 26 mins

Course Content

  • What makes you a branding expert?
  • What does branding encompass?
  • What components make a good brand?
  • Why is it important to have a solid brand from Day 1?
  • What’s your opinion on branding your own name/self versus an alias?
  • What are some common branding mistakes?
  • If someone wanted to take a step towards bettering their brand, what would you suggest as the first step?